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1501 West Fuller Street, Chicago


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1501 west fuller street, #B, Bridgeport, chicago

Bridgeport, Chicago, IL

About Bridgeport, Chicago

Bridgeport is one of the 77 community areas in Chicago and is located on the city’s south side. Known as Chicago’s political nucleus, no less than five of the city’s mayors were born in or called their home Bridgeport at some point in their life. Now known for being the home to Chicago’s White Sox who play at Bridgeport’s Guaranteed Rate Field, Bridgeport is a neighborhood of spirit, art, and an up-and-coming restaurant scene.

Situated just south of the city’s bustling Loop, Bridgeport has all the advantages of being near the Chicago center but still has less of an urban feel, that’s only heightened by its many green parks and friendly neighbors.

The History of Bridgeport, Chicago

Originally an industrial heartland, Bridgeport became the location of much loading and unloading of cargo vessels traveling down the Chicago River. This led many Irish immigrants to venture into Chicago and the Bridgeport area for work. The Irish and Italian-American communities built up a large standing in the area and one that still permeates right through until today. During the late 20th century, a large Chinese community moved into the area whose influence can be seen most strongly at the Buddhist Temple on West 31st Street.

Bridgeport, Chicago Demographics

Bridgeport is made up of around 33,000 residents in just under 13,000 homes. A third of the population here consider themselves to be of white European descent, and another third are of Asian descent, making Bridgeport an ethnically diverse neighborhood. The median household income is just slightly below the average for the city. Three-quarters of the population here has a high-school diploma, and a third have a master’s degree or higher.

Transportation in Bridgeport, Chicago

Being so close to the center of Chicago means that transport links in the Bridgeport neighborhood are some of the best in the city. The CTA serves Bridgeport via both the Orange and Red Line, and several bus routes also connect Bridgeport to the rest of Chicago and its outer suburbs. For residents with their own set of two wheels, I-55 allows easy access for both instate interstate travel.

Housing in Bridgeport, Chicago

The majority of housing in Bridgeport is a combination of modern detached houses, older 20th-century houses, and an eclectic mix of condos and apartments. Many of the condos and apartments can be found on the northeastern side of the neighborhood, facing the city center. The further you move out of the center, the more spaced out homes are and the more suburban the houses feel.

Neighborhood Life in Bridgeport, Chicago

Bridgeport is a neighborhood life based on tight-knit communities. Much of this is thanks to the Irish, Italian, and Chinese communities that created its nustling residential areas over the past century. Moving into the 21st century, Bridgeport harbors a much more bohemian culture around its streets and theatres, art galleries, and a rich restaurant scene has started to bloom.

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Bridgeport, Chicago Real Estate Trends

Real estate trends throughout Bridgeport have stayed steady during the past few years. A rise in house prices and the gentrification of many Chicago inner-city neighborhoods means that prices have seen a rise in both buying and renting figures. As many of the middle classes continue to be priced out of the inner city Chicago real estate market, price tags on Bridgeport real estate will skyrocket.

The Truth about Bridgeport

How Safe is Bridgeport, Chicago?

As the southside of Chicago goes, Bridgeport is considered a safe area. Known for its baseball games, many Chicago residents ascend on this area of the city, and it is known as an area of family fun and good atmospheres. The crime rate is naturally higher in Chicago compared to the rest of the nation’s averages but is relatively low in the Bridgeport area.

Are the Schools in Bridgeport, Chicago good?

There are several schools in the Bridgeport area, most notably the top elementary schools of Mark Sheridan Academy, Philip D. Armour School, and the Robert Healy School. These are recognized as being some of the best elementary schools on the entire south side of the city. Edward Tilden Career Community Academy High School is the area’s premier high school and is well received by both academics and parents alike.

Popular Eateries in Bridgeport, Chicago

Although a major residential area, Bridgeport’s up-and-coming bar, and restaurant scene are fast becoming the place to dine south of the river.

A Place By Damao


2621 S Halsted St Chicago, Illinois 60608

Antique Taco


1000 W 35th St, Chicago, IL 60609

Gio's Cafe & Deli


2724 S Lowe Ave, Chicago, IL 60616

Zaytune Mediterranean Grill


3129 S Morgan St, Chicago, IL 60608

Morrie O’Malley’s Hot Dogs


3501 S Union Ave, Chicago, IL 60609

Han 202

Chinese Fusion

605 W 31st St, Chicago, IL 60616

What to Do in Bridgeport, Chicago

Alongside being the home of Chicago baseball, Bridgeport is a neighborhood brimming with bars, restaurants, art galleries, and much much more.

  • Wander through exhibitions and discover the neighborhood’s art scene at the Bridgeport Art Center.

  • Learn from other cultures at Bridgeport’s experimental cultural center.

  • Visit the Chicago Maritime Museum and learn about the river’s connection to Bridgeport and the city.

  • Take a tour of the home of Chicago baseball at the Guaranteed Rate Field Stadium.

  • Relax in the local Palmisano Park, a spot of green in the urban sprawl.

Is Bridgeport, Chicago Dog Friendly?

As inner-city neighborhoods go, Bridgeport is relatively dog-friendly. With green spaces such as Palmisano Park to walk the family pet, there is more than just the city streets. There are also a number of pet-friendly restaurants and bars in the local area, only adding to the dog-owner appeal of Bridgeport.

Is Bridgeport, Chicago Good for Cycling?

As Bridgeport receives quite a lot of foot and vehicle traffic, it is not considered the most cycling-friendly neighborhood in the city. There are, however, a few cyclist shops for repairing and purchasing parts in the Bridgeport area, as well as a number of Divvy bike stations.

4 Things to Know Before Moving to Bridgeport, Chicago

  1. Bridgeport is known as a highly multicultural neighborhood, with a tight-knit community that welcomes new residents with open arms.

  2. Home to the Chicago White Sox baseball team, expect large crowds in Bridgeport during game season.

  3. Part of the westside and inner-city area, Bridgeport is known for its high amounts of road traffic. It’s particularly congested during the morning and evening commute.

  4. Manufacturing remains the largest employer in the area, due to its industrial location.

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