Wicker Park, Chicago vs. Williamsburg, NYC

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August 14, 2020
the best neighborhood in each city nyc and chicago

What is the best neighborhood in Chicago and NYC? Let’s check out Williamsburg, NYC and Wicker Park, Chicago to see how they stack up against each other.

Chicago and New York City are two of the largest cities in the United States. They are also both hubs for finance, technology, entertainment, commerce, culture, and much more.

While many tend to compare the two cities, they have more in common than you would expect. This includes their various high rises built due to limited land space, their waterfront living and parks, having convenient public transportation, neighborhoods with their distinctive culture, historic landmarks, and plenty of green spaces.

However, how do their real estate markets compare and which city is cheaper to live in?

Chicago vs. NYC real estate market

In April 2019, the average rental cost for a one bedroom in New York City was about $3,130 per month. On the other hand, the average cost for a one bedroom in Chicago was only $1,550 per month. This means that NYC’s rent per month was more than double than it was in Chicago.

As for homes for sale, the average sale price in NYC was $560K at $360 per sqft, and the average sale price in Chicago was $327K at $225 per sqft. While it may be pricier to live in NYC, keep in mind that these prices can look different depending on the neighborhood and type of housing you choose!

Moving to Chicago from Brooklyn
629 Grand Street, #3B Williamsburg, New York

Williamsburg, NYC

Williamsburg is located in NYC’s Brooklyn borough, and bordered by the East River to the west. The neighborhood is home to various ethnic enclaves residing in the area such as Jews, Hispanics, Italians, and Dominicans. 

Williamsburg, Brooklyn is known for being a trendy neighborhood filled with art, culture, and a hipster vibe. In fact, many of the area’s residents are creatives such as artists, foodies, musicians, and fashionistas.

They contribute to the neighborhood’s thriving art scene, cafe & coffee scene, trendy dining, music scene, and various fashion & shopping options. Not to mention the neighborhood has plenty of outdoor and green spaces to explore if you need a breather from the city. It’s no wonder this neighborhood is one of the most popular in Brooklyn.

Williamsburg is great for those looking for a slower paced lifestyle without giving up the perks of the big city, such as entertainment and a vibrant nightlife. Due to this, the area is perfect for the younger crowd who don’t want to live right in the hustle and bustle of the city but prefer more of a small town feel.

what is the most trendy neighborhood in chicago
33 Frost Street, #GARDEN Williamsburg, New York

Wicker Park, Chicago

Wicker Park is a neighborhood located within the West Town community area in Chicago. The neighborhood is made up mostly of lofts, modern condos, and spacious apartments. You can also find plenty of restaurants, shops, galleries, bars, and boutiques that reflect the wide variety of residents that call the neighborhood home.

Is Wicker park in Chicago a good neighborhoodת and should you live in Wicker Park? It is actually one of the trendiest neighborhoods in Chicago! It’s best known for the hipster culture, art community, nightlife, and the food scene.

Many of the area’s residents include working artists, young professionals, and families. The eclectic creative influence within the city is reflected through the innovative dining, unique bars & entertainment venues, trendy coffeehouses, vintage & designer shops, and art galleries.

Wicker Park’s youthful energy and multifaceted style is great for both the younger crowd as well as families looking to live in a unique area. The charming community can be a fun place to live for those who enjoy discovering unique and trendy spots.

can you compare chicago to brooklyn
2017 West St Paul Avenue Wicker Park, Chicago

Williamsburg vs. Wicker Park

Williamsburg, NYC and Wicker Park, Chicago are both known as trend-setting neighborhoods in their respective cities. But, what are the pros and cons of each and how similar are they to each other? Let’s explore.

Williamsburg and Wicker Park have many similarities despite being in two different cities. This includes being artsy neighborhoods that are known for their art scene, vibrant nightlife, shopping scene, and trendy eateries.

Additionally, their variety of creative residents make up the neighborhoods’ unique culture. Both neighborhoods also move at a slower pace than the heart of the city and have walkable streets residents can enjoy. The younger crowd and young professionals also tend to flock to these two neighborhoods.

Both neighborhoods are very similar in their vibes and neighborhood offerings. However, they do have their own differences.

While Williamsburg and Wicker Park have thriving art scenes, the largest difference between them is Williamsburg’s large music scene that stems from the 1980s. Additionally, Williamsburg is a waterfront neighborhood, unlike Wicker Park, and tends to have a larger culture for day parties, pop-up parties at different venues, and festivals near the East River.

If you’re interested in living in either neighborhood, then you may be wondering how housing prices look.

In general, it is more expensive to live in Williamsburg compared to Wicker Park. Williamsburg’s average rental price is about $3,500/month, compared to about $2,400/month in Wicker Park. Additionally, with current market prices, the average home sale price in Wicker Park is about $530K at $349 per sqft. In Williamsburg, the average sale price is about $2.4 million at $683 per sqft.

Find a home in Wicker Park, Chicago:

what is better wicker park or williamsburg
2117 West Evergreen Avenue, #3E Wicker Park, Chicago

Find a home in Williamsburg, New York City:

the nightlife scene in chicago illinois
85 North 3 Street, #406 Williamsburg, New York

If you’re looking for a trendy neighborhood to call your home, Localize has plenty of listings for Wicker Park and Williamsburg for you to check out right now.

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