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Why Localize should be your go-to real estate site

July 8, 2020

How can you find a great home in NYC that you can actually afford? Ditch the old websites and find your perfect home with Localize.

Whether you want to rent or buy in New York, Localize makes it possible to find homes that match your lifestyle and needs perfectly. Here, you can get thorough information about every listing and discover what it’s like to live there before you even visit. 

It’s not just another listing website. It’s a new way to find a home in NYC.

House hunting in NYC

House hunting in general is time-consuming and stressful—but house hunting in NYC is on another level. There’s so much to know! What do you do before signing a lease? How should you negotiate prices? What’s covered by your rent payment? Should you get renter’s insurance? What’s a broker’s fee, and should you even try to work with a broker or just find a space on your own

Sometimes it can feel like you’ll never be able to know everything, or that you might miss some really important details. That’s why we created Localize: to help you get the scoop on every home in NYC.

Localize vs. the rest

Localize analyzes every listing on the market to give you the insights and information that you need to help you make a decision about your next home. Our website and app can tell you if construction will block your views, how noisy the street is, how much your walls will shake from the subway passing nearby, and even more.

“ marks the continuation of a trend focused on hyper-local news and connectivity. Apps like [Localize], which offer fresh insights into city life, have consumers hooked.” Built In NYC

Unlike other sites, Localize won’t just show you listings. It’ll show you a ton of information about every listing, tailored to your preferences. Localize can help you find a house to call home, without any regrets after moving in.

renthop vs. streeteasy what is better

Helpful insights about any listing in NYC

Localize is about knowledge—not surprises. It gives lots of relevant information about every listing, no holds barred. If the elevator hasn’t worked since Bloomberg was in office, Localize is the only home search website that will tell you just that. Are you looking at the only apartment on the block with an in-unit laundry? Localize will let you know that as well, so you won’t have to haul your laundry down those stairs!

If you want to know how much sunlight a place gets—or how noisy the bar next door is at 2 a.m.—Localize is the place for you. 

“[Localize] is looking to inform future renters and buyers before it’s too late” Curbed

We take the guesswork out of finding no-fee rental apartments in NYC. If you’re not working with a broker, this is the only website that will tell you everything about any address. No need to worry about missing something important.

Best home options, personalized for you

Localize has taken the New York apartment search to a whole new level. With over 10,000 listings in NYC, you can find the right place in seconds. Answer a few questions about what you’re looking for, and you’ll see which apartments are your best match.

Do you want an apartment on a quiet street with tons of bike lanes? Something in a great school zone next to awesome parks? A place with great natural light and low crime rate? All of the above? Only you know what will make your next place perfect. We have your commute covered, too! Add your destination, and Localize will estimate how long your daily ride, drive, or walk will be.

Our site also has all the features on other house hunting websites: price range, amenities, building type, size, and more. But, when you search on Localize, you’ll see how well all the matching apartments fit your exact needs.

What would make your next home perfect?
Find it now on Localize ✨

Discover the best homes in the Localize feed

Our discovery feed is made with NYC home hunters in mind. You’ll never miss a new listing or recommendation again. Catch up quickly and find homes with a little something special, all in one place.

Localize’s feed goes beyond regular search results. You’ll see great deals, unique amenities, low-fee apartments, and more! All within your search criteria. And to make sure you don’t miss out on your dream home, Localize will sometimes suggest apartments a bit over your price range, in case “The One” is only $100 more.

Localize makes it easier than ever to find a home in NYC wherever you are. Explore the latest listings with Localize’s website or app, and find the hidden gem you’ve been searching for.

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Localize has more insights compared to the rest

What do you wish you had known before moving into your current apartment? With Localize, you’ll know all the inside information before you even book a tour.

Others give you more limited information, like how many bedrooms and bathrooms, size, price, and amenities the place has, but Localize goes far beyond that. Our team of data scientists bring in-depth insights to every listing on the market. Localize can answer your most critical questions, like “is this a pleasant apartment to live in? and “will I be paying too much for it?”

Every New Yorker knows to watch out for building violations and tenant complaints. Localize has put them all in one place for every listing, so you can see what was reported, if it was resolved, and how likely it is to happen again.

Renting or buying an apartment in New York City is a big financial decision. Localize helps you make sure you’re getting a good deal. With Localize you can see if a specific listing is priced fairly and check the price history for the building and area. If you’re looking to buy an investment property, Localize will tell you whether it has the appropriate building rights and how many square feet are still available.

“Localize makes it easy to find “comps” — a k a closings near the apartment in question — which help inform buyers whether an asking price is too high, just right or a real bargain they must snatch up.” New York Post

What is the best apartment rental site?

Find out more about your ideal area

Loving your neighborhood is just as important as loving your apartment, and Localize makes it easy to get to know an area without any hard work. Our site is unique because we also show you how good the nearby schools are, if there are any dangerous intersections nearby, the cultural history of the neighborhood, and much more.

“Localize displays neighborhood data that listings leave out.” Curbed

best apartment search sites

The insights that you’ll find on Localize are hyper-local. Here’s a taste of what you can find for each apartment:

  • Construction. Know what’s being built within half a block, and when it’ll be finished.
  • Transportation. See all transit stops, Citi Bike stations, and bike lanes nearby, and how long it’ll take to commute from your apartment to wherever you need to go.
  • Schools. Get to know your local daycares and schools (public, private, and charter), including ratings, student achievement, and what school you’ll be zoned to. 
  • Price trends. See the average selling prices for homes in the neighborhood, borough, and all of NYC. 
  • Safety. See how safe the neighborhood is compared to the rest of New York City and nearby areas.
  • Shops, restaurants, and more. Find the closest grocery stores, coffee shops, bars, banks, gyms, laundromats, and anything else you’ll need when you live here.
  • Parks. All nearby green spaces in one place! For kids, dogs, exercise, or just a nice walk in the park.

Your go-to place to find a home in NYC

Localize gives you everything you need to find an apartment in New York City. When you search with Localize, you can say goodbye to surprises after moving in. 

Other sites only give you limited information, leaving you to investigate every detail by yourself or to find things out only when it’s already too late. Save time, energy, and disappointment by finding out the whole picture about every listing in NYC on Localize.