Why Flushing, Queens is a great home buying opportunity

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September 2, 2020
why people move to flushing queens

While you may think of Manhattan as the place to be, Flushing in Queens just may surprise you. Let’s explore all the neighborhood has to offer.

Flushing is a neighborhood in the north central section of Queens. The neighborhood is made up of commercial, retail, and residential buildings. According to Statistical Atlas, Flushing has a population of 82,094. The majority of residents here are in the administrative, sales, and food service sectors. 

The neighborhood is also home to various cultural enclaves and is known as a melting pot. This includes the chinese communities that were established in the 1970s. In fact, Chinatown in Flushing is one of the fastest growing and is the center of Chinese culture.

The area also has a large established Korean community that started in the 1980s. Koreatown actually originated from Flushing before it spread to other areas in NYC. Other ethnic communities in the area include the Irish, Greek, Italian, Jewish, and Russian. Additionally, there are also Indians, Malaysians, Sri Lankans, and Hispanics that call Flushing home.

So is Flushing, Queens safe to live in? The 109th Precinct of the NYPD serves the neighborhood. The crime in the area fell by 80% from 1993 to 2010. Additionally, in 2018, it became the seventh safest area out of 69 neighborhoods in NYC.

should you move to flushing queens
142-20 Franklin Avenue, #6G Flushing, New York

Main Street Flushing, Queens

Within the Flushing neighborhood, the major commercial and retail area is centered around Main Street and Roosevelt Avenue. Specifically, these shops are at the intersection area of these two roads. A few notable eateries on Main Street include Tai Pan Bakery, dim sum at Jade Asian, Gyu-Kaku, San Soo Kap San, and Jiang Nan.

Other than the delicious asian cuisine you can have in Flushing, there are many other places to enjoy. One thing you may enjoy are the various museums the neighborhood has to offer. This includes Voelker Orth Museum, which is an urban garden and bird sanctuary. There is also an art museum called Queens Museum and a science museum called New York Hall of Science.

The Flushing Town Hall is home to the Flushing Council on Culture and the Arts. Here, you can watch music concerts, dance performances, and art exhibitions. If you enjoy nature, you may appreciate walking through the Queens Botanical Garden. It is a 39-acre woodlands, wetlands, meadows, and gardens. Throughout the year, there are various blooms that are features. It hosts The Rose Garden, Fragrance Walk, and Perennial Garden.

Moreover, if you enjoy shopping, then you’ll be excited to know that the neighborhood has many shopping malls. These are multi-use buildings that house both businesses and entertainment stops. A few malls include The Shops at Skyview Center, Queens Crossing, Tangram, and New World Mall.

best areas to live in queens
138-35 39 Avenue, #11F Flushing, New York

Downtown Flushing, Queens Chinatown

The Chinatown of Flushing, also known as Mandarin Town, is one of the fastest growing ethnic enclaves outside of Asia. The center of Chinatown is around the intersection of Main Street and Roosevelt Avenue. However, it goes on to expand southeastward onto other streets. In fact, 67.3% of the residents in Flushing are of Asian descent.

This community was first established in the 1970s when Taiwanese immigrants arrived in the area. Chinatown was created because these were the first wave of immigrants that spoke Mandarin rather than Cantonese. The area was initially known as Little Taipei or Little Taiwan.

Here is where you can find a variety of authentic Asian cuisine. This includes Sichuan, Taiwanese, Cantonese, Korean Chinese, and much more. There are also various asian supermarkets, herbal shops, educational centers, non-profits, and other ethnic stores to explore.

Flushing’s Chinatown also hosts the annual celebration for Chinese New Year. This celebration includes the Lunar New Year Parade. 

transportation from flushing to manhattan

Traveling to Manhattan and Brooklyn from Flushing

Flushing, Queens is served primarily by the MTA Regional Bus Operations. The Long Island Rail Road also has a few stations in the neighborhood. However, there is only one NYC Subway station. It is on Main Street and Roosevelt Avenue and called the Flushing-Main Street station. The 7 and <7> trains serve this particular station.

If you want to live in Flushing, but work in Manhattan or Brooklyn, then the commute may be a concern for you. So how far is it from Flushing to Manhattan? Believe it or not, Flushing is just 8 miles away from Manhattan, with a road distance of 10.4 miles.

You can take the train or subway from Murray Hill to Penn Station. Then transfer to 34 St-Penn Station to 86 Street in Manhattan. This commute will take only around 32 minutes.

So how far is Flushing from Brooklyn? Flushing is 11 miles away from Brooklyn with a road distance of 14 miles. The quickest commute between these two areas is by car or taxi. This is because there is no direct bus or train between Brooklyn and Flushing. By car or taxi, the commute is only 17 minutes long.

Search Results Web results An insider's guide to Flushing, Queens
138-18 28 Road, #4 Flushing, New York

What to know before buying in Flushing, Queens

Before you jump in to buy a home in Flushing, there are a few things you should know about its architecture. The borough of Queens itself is very ethnically diverse.

It is then no surprise that the architecture in the area reflects this diversity. Flushing is no exception. So when you’re looking at houses for sale in Queens, keep in mind that you may see various types and styles of homes. 

This includes VIctorian mansions, multi-family apartment buildings, split two-family homes, Tudor Revival styles mansions, and much more. These unique architecture and living styles in the neighborhood is what gives the area character. Take the time to explore all the housing options available to you so you can choose the one that fits you best.

Houses to buy in Flushing, Queens:

138-18 28 Road, #4 Flushing, New York ($330,000) – 2 beds, 1 bath

This co-op in Flushing is on a quiet tree-lined street. It features an updated modern kitchen, hardwood floors, ceiling lights, and high end appliances. According to Localize, the apartment has a garage, which is a rare amenity. Additionally, it has 15,788 sqft of FAR that can be used to expand the building. The nearby schools are also rated very high

26-19 141 Street, #3B Flushing, New York ($410,000) – 3 beds, 1 bath, 1,000 sqft

This Flushing apartment is a price opportunity as only 5 other similar listings are under $410K. The property also has a garage, which is a rare amenity. The co-op also features plenty of closets, laundry, storage,and fitness center. According to Localize, the space is within walking distance from supermarkets, shopping centers, post offices, schools, and more.

142-20 Franklin Avenue, #6G Flushing, New York ($745,888) – 3 beds, 2 baths

This condo is a gut-renovated corner apartment. It features new oak hardwood floors, a large living room, kitchen with stainless-steel amenities, and  new bathrooms. The building it is located in has a lobby with mail and package room, on-site parking, storage, and a bike room. According to Localize, there is a dangerous intersection nearby where 9 people have gotten injured in the past 5 years. 

138-35 39 Avenue, #11F Flushing, New York ($928,000) – 1 bed, 1 bath, 708 sqft

This Downtown Flushing condo is a pet-friendly building with a 24/7 doorman. According to Localize, the nearby schools are highly rated. However, the area of the neighborhood it is in has above average crime rates.

131-5 40 Road, #PH1A Flushing, New York ($2,160,000) – 3 beds, 3 baths, 2,200 sqft

This 3 beds Flushing apartment is near Flushing Meadows where there is a year round ice skating rink. There is also a park that has various recreational activities to enjoy.

According to Localize, there is one construction site nearby that is estimated to end in 2021. Additionally, the space is in high flood risk zone and has potential airport noise as it is in a flight path.

houses for sale in flushing
26-19 141 Street, #3B Flushing, New York

Flushing, Queens is a melting pot of ethnicities, cultures, and even home architecture. If you find yourself drawn to this charming neighborhood, Localize has plenty of listings for you to explore. 

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