This is why foodies love living in Chicago

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August 19, 2020
the best place to buy a house in chicago

If you love trying out new restaurants and cuisine, then a Chicago is your destination. Let’s expand your palate with some of Chicago’s best food halls.

Living in Chicago is an opportunity to explore the city’s large food scene. Many know Chicago as one of the culinary capitals of the United States as it is home to many amazing chefs, unique restaurants, and a wide selection of cuisine.

Since the first fine dining establishment opening in 1835, Chicago’s food scene has been shaped by cultures and innovations, coming from immigrants and restaurateurs. 

Chicago’s unique cuisine

Chicago has its fair share of iconic cuisine that reflects the city’s ethnic roots. In fact, many foods found in the city have also contributed to the global food culture. This includes the famous deep-dish pizza, of course.

The Chicago deep-dish style pizza is believed to have been created at Uno Pizzeria & Grill when it was first established in 1943 in River North. Similarly, the Chicago-style thin crust pizza is also a popular choice in the city. 

Another specialty is the Chicago-style hot dog. It is an all beef hot dog that is loaded with toppings on a poppy seed bun. Toppings can include yellow mustard, pickle relish, pickled peppers, and dill pickles. However, lovers of this hot dog disapprove of ketchup as one of the toppings.

We also can’t forget the Italian beef sandwich, which is known as a Chicago staple. While the exact origins of it is debatable, you can find this sandwich in various eateries in the city. It is made up of thinly sliced steak on a French bread and topped with peppers and gravy.

best restaurants in chicago 2020

Best food halls in Chicago

A unique part of Chicago’s food scene is food halls. Food halls are venues that feature a variety of popular restaurants. Essentially, it is a one stop dining experience in Chicago for foodies. It is a great way for you to try many different types of cuisine the city has to offer.

Then, what food halls are the best in Chicago? Let’s go explore some of the most essential food halls in the city. Best of all, there are apartments for rent in Chicago within walking distance of each one.

1. Revival Food Hall

125 S Clark St., Chicago, IL 60603

Revival Food Hall is a 24,000 square foot marketplace located in The Loop, the heart of Chicago’s central business district. It can be found on the ground floor of “The National”, a historic building designed by Daniel Burnham.

This food hall opened in 2016 and its dining concept highlights acclaimed culinary in Chicago. Currently, it is home to 15 independent restaurants, the Revival Cafe-Bar, and pop-up restaurants. A pop-up restaurant here switches out quarterly to feature another.

It is a great place for you to experience some of the city’s most famous restaurants in one convenient space.

Live near Revival Food Hall:

fun places to eat in chicago
8 West Monroe Street, #1803

2. Chicago French Market

131 N Clinton St., Chicago, IL 60661

The Chicago French Market is located under the Ogilvie Transportation Center in West Loop. It is a European-inspired marketplace founded in 2009 by the Parisian Bensidoun family.

This market is open Monday through Saturday and features more than 30 local artisan vendors. As a matter of fact, the space was first created to support local food systems. Furthermore, It offers a wide variety of food options. This includes fresh produce, bakery goods, lunch and dinner, and grab-and-go breakfast.

The Chicago French Market is a one stop shop for any food occasion you may need.

Live near Chicago French Market:

the best food halls in chicago
165 North Canal Street, #1022

3. Aster Hall

5th & 6th floors of 900 N Michigan Ave., Chicago, IL 60611

Aster Hall is located on the 5th and 6th floors of 900 North Michigan Shops and is open all week. The food hall features posh furnishings and digital self-service kiosks. Hogsalt Hospitality curated the restaurant lineup that consists of sixteen unique vendors or “vaults”.

They offer local food favorites, international cuisine, classic cocktails, artisan coffee, and much more. The 5th floor of Aster Hall consists of food vaults and beverages from Midnight Juice & Coffee Co.

The Aster Hall Bar & Study can be found on the 6th floor of the food hall.

Live near Aster Hall:

where to eat in chicago
77 East Walton Street, #22C

4. Forum 55

55 E Monroe St., Chicago, IL 60603

Forum 55 is a 10,000 square foot dining hall located in The Loop. It opened in October 2017 and it is available for breakfast and lunch from Monday through Friday. The hall features local women and minority-owned food businesses. These vendors rotate on a weekly basis so you will never tire of dining here.

Additionally, it is home to one of Chicago’s largest salad bars and an original barbecue concept. Unlike other food halls in the city, you don’t need to order individually at each food stall. Instead, there are digital ordering kiosks you can conveniently use.

Keep in mind, Forum 55 is a cashless operation so prepare to have your credit or debit cards on hand when you visit. 

Live near Forum 55:

best restaurants in downtown chicago
65 East Monroe Street, #4002

With the wide variety of dining options in the Windy City, you will never have to worry about a lack of delicious cuisine. Better yet, if you are a true foodie, the city’s food halls are paradise.

With Localize, you can easily discover listings near your favorite restaurants or dining halls in Chicago.

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