What to know about Michael Jordan’s mansion in Chicago

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September 16, 2020
michael jordan house in chicago

Where do celebrities live in Chicago? If you’re a basketball fan, then did you know Michael Jordan owns a mansion in the city? Let’s explore his iconic property.

Michael Jordan, also known as MJ, is a former professional basketball player. He is also currently the principal owner of the Charlotte Hornets of the NBA. MJ’s professional basketball career started in 1984 when he got drafted by the Chicago Bulls. He played a total of 15 seasons in the NBA and won 6 championships with the Bulls. 

Additionally, he is known for being the greatest basketball players of all time. Moreover, he helped popularize the NBA worldwide during the 1980s and 1990s and became a global cultural icon. 

MJ’s slam dunk performances in the Slam Dunk Contests earned him his nickname “Air Jordan”. Some of his other individual accomplishments include 6 NBA Finals Most Valuable Player Awards, 10 scoring titles, 3 steals titles, and 5 MVP Awards. Not only that, but he holds the NBA records for career regular scoring average of 30.12 points per game.

With his success as a professional basketball player, what is Michael Jordan’s net worth? He is the first billionaire player in NBA history as of 2014. As of September 2020, he has a net worth of $1.6 billion. So where did this successful professional basketball legend call home during his time with the Chicago Bulls? 

where does michael jordan live in chicago
7738 North Sheridan Road, #3L Rogers Park, Chicago

Michael Jordan house Chicago

2700 Point Dr. Highland Park, IL 60035

This Highland Park mansion is where Michael Jordan raised his family and lived for 20 years. The mansion was built in 1994 and is on 7.39 acres of private land at the end of a long driveway. The long driveway from the front gate to the mansion ensures ultimate privacy. Moreover, the home itself is 56,000 sqft and the entire property features custom designs. This includes a famous number 23 front gate.

Curious about the amenities Michael Jordan’s one-of-a-kind mansion offers? First off, the home has 9 bedrooms, 19 bathrooms, a 3-bedroom guest wing, and a double grand staircase. Some amazing amenities Jordan had built into his home includes a regulation sized basketball court, golf course, and tennis court.

The mansion also has a card room, cigar room, wine cellar, home theater room, tennis court, pond, and circular infinity pool. Curious about how it actually looks? Check out this video for a peek behind the iconic number 23 front gate.

michael jordan's mansion chicago
2741 West Jerome Street West Rogers Park, Chicago

Michael Jordan’s mansion on the market

While Jordan still owns this mansion, it has been put up on the market for multiple years since 2012. In fact, the most recent price cut on the property happened in May this year which reduced the price to $14.9 million.  This is about $265 per square foot and is almost half of the original asking price of $29 million.

You would think many people would jump at purchasing a celebrity’s home. So why has Jordan had a hard time selling his house? This is mainly due to the large size of the property. It can be difficult to find qualified candidates who are able to afford to maintain such a large estate.

Additionally, while the price is relative to the size of the area, the listing is about 30 times the median price of homes in Highland Park. While most people who can afford this price range choose to build their home along Lake Michigan, Jordan’s home is in a more private area and near practice facilities. This could be why he has had trouble finding a buyer as many may prefer to be along the lake.

is it time to move to chicago
7649 North Eastlake Terrace, #1A Rogers Park, Chicago

Highland Park, Illinois

If you’re looking to buy a house near Chicago, then the Highland Park neighborhood may be the place for you. Highland Park is a suburban neighborhood in Lake Country, Illinois. It is one of the many affluent suburbs along the North Shore, just above Chicago. In fact, it is about 25 miles north of the downtown area of Chicago.

According to the U.S. Census, there are 29,515 people living in this suburb and in 2018, the median household income was $147,962. Additionally, the neighborhood is home to several landmark structures such as the Willits House designed by architect Frank Lloyd Wright. This house was designed in 2901 and is considered one of the first great Prairie School houses.

The Highland Park neighborhood is home to a downtown shopping district and the Ravinia Festival. The Ravinia Festival is an open air pavilion that is used for concerts during the summer. In fact, it has been the summer home of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra since 1936. Additionally, the area features three public beaches to enjoy. This includes Moraine Beach, Park Avenue Beach, and Rosewood Beach. 

the best place to live in chicago
6351 North Glenwood Avenue, #1S Edgewater, Chicago

Buying next to Michael Jordan

If you’re looking for houses for sale in Chicago, but still close to Michael Jordan’s mansion in the suburbs, there are plenty of homes for sale on Chicago’s North Side. This includes neighborhoods such as Roger’s Park and Edgewater. Here are a few listings you may be interested in:

can you live next to michael jordan in chicago
6300 North Sheridan Road, #308 Edgewater, Chicago

Whether you’re looking to live next to celebrities in Chicago or just trying to find the perfect neighborhood for you, Localize can help you with your search.

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