These NYC Neighborhoods Have the Most Pet-Friendly Listings

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March 11, 2021
pet friendly neighborhoods

New Yorkers love their pets. In a city known for its dense population and small apartments, it’s hard to believe that NYC might be considered–gasp–“pet friendly.” In fact, some newer buildings even cater to pet owners by offering luxurious pet-friendly amenities. We’ve rounded up the top neighborhoods for buying a pet-friendly apartment in NYC.

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Manhattan leads the pack for most pet-friendly borough

If finding a pet-friendly apartment is a priority, start your search in Manhattan. Believe it or not, Manhattan has the highest overall score for pet-friendly listings. The score takes into account listings that allow pets, have pet spas, and are located within a five-minute walk of a dog park. Brooklyn scoops the runner-up spot.  

Top pet-friendly Manhattan neighborhoods

  • Morningside Heights: 98%
  • Upper West Side: 84%
  • Greenwich Village: 83%
  • Washington Heights: 80%
  • East Harlem: 79%

Top pet-friendly Brooklyn neighborhoods

  • Park Slope: 76%
  • Brooklyn Heights: 76%
  • Downtown Brooklyn: 73%

This doesn’t mean that you won’t find pet-friendly apartments in another borough or neighborhood. The analysis represents the number of available sale listings currently on the market that are designated as pet-friendly. You can view the complete list of pet-friendly neighborhoods here.

Best neighborhoods with dog parks

Finding a building that allows pets is just a baseline. Pet owners often seek amenities and creative ways to exercise their loveable pooches too. Access to a dog park can be a game changer. It’s a great way for pups to burn some energy, socialize with other dogs, and can compensate for smaller living quarters.

Best neighborhoods with dog parks by borough

Bronx: With plenty of park space for both people and dogs, it’s not a surprise that Riverdale (76%) and Spuyten Duyvil (62%) are tops for pets in the Bronx. 

Brooklyn: With multiple dog parks and dog runs, DUMBO (100%) and Brooklyn Heights (73%) are great picks for those who need a dog park within walking distance. For those seeking a more quiet, residential vibe, Bay Ridge (62%) offers three dog parks and a respite from busy city life.

Manhattan: Uptown nabes Morningside Heights (93%) and the Upper West Side (72%) have plentiful options when it comes to dog parks. Greenwich Village (72%) dog owners can check out the Leroy Street Dog Park which has a seasonal sprinkler fountain for those humid NYC summers. 

Pet spas provide next-level pampering

Everyone loves a day at the spa, including our pets. Some buildings have amped up their pet-friendly offerings with on-site spas and grooming services. To get dibs on some of these four-legged friend accommodating buildings, search the neighborhoods below.

Best neighborhoods with pet spas by borough

  • Manhattan: Morningside Heights (30%), Hudson Square (25%)
  • Brooklyn: Downtown Brooklyn (20%)
  • Queens: Long Island City (11%)

Buyers will have to search harder for pet-friendly listings in these neighborhoods

While New Yorkers love their pets, many property managers don’t share the sentiment. The following neighborhoods are more challenging to find buildings that allow pets.

Worst neighborhoods for pet-friendly listings

  • Brooklyn: Park Slope (16%), Bedford Stuyvesant (24%), Crown Heights (33%)
  • Manhattan: Harlem (17%), East Village (19%), LES (23%)
  • Queens: Astoria (21%), Glen Oaks (29%)

While Park Slope had a higher overall score due to its proximity to dog parks and other amenities, it also ranks as a difficult neighborhood to find pet-friendly listings due to low inventory. It’s still possible to find pet-friendly apartments in the areas listed above, they just have the least number of available listings currently on the market. 

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