It’s time to explore Curry Hill in NYC’s Kips Bay neighborhood

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August 27, 2020

What if you could discover India’s food without even leaving Manhattan? Curry Hill in Kips Bay feature some of the best Indian cuisine in New York City.

There are so many neighborhoods in Manhattan and NYC that it can be hard to remember all of them. So where is Kips Bay in Manhattan?

Kips Bay is a neighborhood located on the east side of Manhattan. It is just steps away from the busy Midtown and features waterfront views along the East River border.

Kips Bay vs. Murray Hill

According to the New York City Department of City Planning, Kips Bay is usually an area bound by East 34th Street in the north. Then the East River to the east. Thirdly, East 27th Street to the south, and lastly, Third Avenue to the west. However, other reliable organizations have defined the Kips Bay neighborhood in different ways.

These organizations include the NYC census tract, the American Guide Series, and the American Institute of Architects’ AIA Guide to New York City.

The residents of Kips Bay and Murray Hill, the district above, can’t even agree on where the boundaries are. In 2015, DNAinfo had asked residents of both neighborhoods to map out their boundaries. What they got back were overlapping areas between the two neighborhoods.

This was especially true for the area between East 34th and 40th Streets. Mainly, the areas of the low 30s is where residents of both neighborhoods have the biggest issue. This is where both neighborhoods have lay claim. 

219 East 25 Street, #1E Kips Bay, New York

What Kips Bay, Manhattan is best known for

All neighborhoods in NYC have their own distinct charm. They all also offer their own unique locations, shops, and things to do. So what can you find in Kips Bay?

Notable locations in Kips Bay

A few notable locations you may enjoy exploring in Kips Bay include the New York Public Library. It is the second largest public library in the U.S. with 92 locations and almost 53 million items.

Second, there is the Kips Bay Plaza which includes a variety of stores, a movie theater, and fitness center. Lastly, there is the Fairway Market located underground. It was founded back in 1933 and has since expanded within the New York area.

Colleges in Kips Bay

Kips Bay is home to the well-known New York University, or NYU. This includes all of its institutional buildings such as the NYU College of Dentistry and NYU School of Medicine.

The neighborhood is also home to the Bellevue Hospital Center teaching hospital and Hunter College’s Brookdale Health Sciences. The neighborhood is also home to many hospital buildings and is an empire of health care.

What is Curry Hill, Manhattan?

Curry Hill in Manhattan refers to Lexington Avenue in Kips Bay. The street is home to various South Asian restaurants. There are also dozens of Indian restaurants here. They each feature food from various regions and distinct cuisines.

If you want curry in a hurry in NYC, then Curry Hill is the place to go. While Curry Hill is a pun on “Murray Hill,” the residents of Kips Bay have also claimed that area as part of their neighborhood. So, it can be considered part of both neighborhoods.

220 East 30 Street Kips Bay, New York

Discover the best Indian restaurants in Kips Bay

Whether you love Indian cuisine or have yet to try it yourself, Kips Bay has plenty of delicious Indian restaurants to choose from. Not only that, but many of these restaurants focus their menu on different regions and cultures. With the variety of dishes, you’ll never get bored of trying out all these places yourself!

1. Sahib

104 Lexington Avenue

This restaurant was opened by Herman Mathur, a twice Michelin-starred chef and restaurateur. He initially started his career at the Taj Hotel in Mumbai before moving to the United States.

Sahib features a menu focused on the cultural history of Northern India. Food is also served in traditional cooking vessels of the region, such as small copper pots.

2. Haldi

102 Lexington Avenue

The restaurant’s name, “haldi” is the word for turmeric in various languages. This is why the dining space is decorated generously with the color yellow.

Additionally, “haldi” represents the chef’s menu influences. Haldi’s menu explores the cuisine of Calcutta’s Jewish population and takes influences from the Marwari and Bengali. This includes dishes such as the hawker fish fry pop with mustard seeds and onions.

3. Desi Galli

101 Lexington Avenue

The name “desi” means people, cultures, and product/services and “galli” symbolizes an alley or street. Similarly, the restaurant’s menu is reflective of the name. Desi Galli is a restaurant that focuses on affordable Indian street eats.

It is focused on creating Indian soul food as well as newer recipe options such as a gluten-free dish. Some delicious street foods you can find here are the pea and paneer kathi roll and the pav bhaji.

4. Pongal

110 Lexington Avenue

The restaurant’s name, “Pongal” refers to an annual harvest festival in Southern India. It was named after a sweet rice dish that is prepared for this festival.

Pongal’s menu is unique as they feature kosher and vegetarian Indian cuisine. So if you are vegetarian, this is a wonderful spot for you to try a taste of India. 

5. Mughlai Indian Cuisine

329 Third Avenue

Mughlai Indian Cuisine serves authentic Indian cuisine and has plenty of the usual dishes you would expect. This includes lamb vindaloo, chicken curry, Methi malai matar, and golden-fried samosas.

Their food is consistent and can be a great introduction place for someone who has never tried Indian food before. Best of all, if you dine in, most often you can get a dish of rice pudding on the house.

222 East 34 Street, #1919 Kips Bay, New York

Move to Kips Bay, Manhattan

If you are interested in moving to Kips Bay, there are plenty of housing options for you. The neighborhood is home to historic brownstones, townhouses, mid-rise apartment buildings, and modern high-rise apartments with river views.

Here are just a few apartments for rent in the neighborhood that might interest you.

Renting an apartment in Kips Bay:

159 East 30 Street, #9A Kips Bay, New York

Kips Bay is a wonderful neighborhood if you want to live in a quiet area but still in the hustle and bustle of Manhattan. This quieter neighborhood with waterfront views is found in the center of Manhattan. Even better, it is home to some of the best Indian restaurants in the city.

Localize can help you find your perfect home in the Kips Bay neighborhood. We have insights on all listings so you won’t have any unexpected surprises.

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