Manhattan’s Hudson Square is more than just office buildings now

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September 3, 2020
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Hudson Square is a “new” neighborhood in Lower Manhattan. It’s west Soho, north of Tribeca, and south of the West Village. The neighborhood’s current residents are a growing population of affluent and well-educated people. As of 2015, Hudson Square had a daytime population of over 60,000.

Hudson Square’s history

Starting in the 1950s, the neighborhood started to undergo a transformation as printing businesses started to leave Manhattan. In place of printing businesses, creative agencies took their place. 

During the 20th century, Hudson Square was known as the Printing District. This is due to the large number of printing factories located in the area. In fact, the neighborhood was home to about 60% of print shops in Manhattan.

Now, during the 21st century, the neighborhood is a hub for the creative economy. The printing factories have transformed into large warehouse style buildings, which attracted various media companies. Today, Hudson Square is home to large creative companies such as ABC Disney, Horizon Media, Warby Parker, and Digital Ocean.

Since the neighborhood was re-zoned in 2013 to allow for taller buildings, there is now a wave of residential building developments in the neighborhood. With the increase of residential buildings, is able to welcome more residents to the area.

The plan for Hudson Square

Houston Square is constantly developing as it tries to meet the continuing demand for living and working in the neighborhood. As a result, there are many plans already underway or in the planning stages for new buildings.

This includes a 30-story apartment building called Greenwich West. It is to bring 170 new apartments to the neighborhood and is to be finished in 2020. Another is a warehouse-replacing project on 77 Charlton Street. This commercial building will be turned into two 15-story towers with a total of 161 apartments.

The area has come a long way from its industrial roots. You can expect to see continuous redevelopment as the neighborhood strives to become a residential and commercial neighborhood. 

Residential areas in Hudson Square

While many of the new residential developments in the area are high rise apartment and condos, the neighborhood is home to the Charlton-King-Vandam Historic District. In this area, you can find the city’s largest concentration of row houses in the Federal style.

There are also plenty of Greek revival homes in this historic district. The Federal style refers to architecture built in the U.S. from 1785 to 1815. The Greek Revival style is an architectural movement during the late 18th and early 19th centuries. 

Eateries & cafes

There are various eateries to enjoy in this neighborhood. This includes restaurants and bars along with quick eat, grab and go places. A few places you should check out are a casual Italian American restaurant called Adoro Lei, an Asian fusion called Arbor Bistro, and a rooftop bar called Good Story.

In addition, there is also Cafe Altro Paradiso, from the same owner of the acclaimed restaurant Estela in Nolita. You can also find an authentic French bistro called La Sirene in the neighborhood. 

Landmarks & interesting places

Within Hudson Square, there are plenty of landmarks and interesting spots you should visit at least once. This includes The Ear Inn, one of the oldest taverns in NYC. It is on the ground floor of the James Brown House, a landmark built in the late 18th century. The house is also one of the few existing examples of Federal architecture.

The Soho Playhouse, an off-Broadway theatre, is another interesting location. It is on the land that was once Richmond Hill, a colonial mansion that was headquarters for George Washington. The theatre opened in 1962 and closed in 1970. It then reopened in 1994 as an off-Broadway receiving house.

There are also plenty of museums in the neighborhood you may enjoy visiting. There is the Children’s Museum of the Arts that offers opportunities to make art next to working artists. The Film Forum is a nonprofit movie theater that showcases independent films.

Next, HERE Arts Center is a venue that showcases artists who create hybrid live performances. This can include theatre, dance, music, media, and visual arts. Lastly, the New York City Fire Museum is in the former building of the FDNY Engine Company No.30. This particular museum showcases and celebrates the history of fire service.

Transportation to Hudson Square

While Hudson Square is an epitome of a live in and work neighborhood, you may not work in the area and have to commute. So what transportation options do you have here?

There are a few public transportation options for you. The New York City Subway serves the neighborhood. The train lines C and E are located on Spring Street and Sixth Avenue. In addition, the 1 train line is at the Houston Street station. There are also a few bus lines available for you to use as well.

Moreover, the entrance to the Holland Tunnel is at Hudson Square. It is an underwater tunnel that goes under the Hudson River. It connects Lower Manhattan to Jersey City in New Jersey. If you happen to work in New Jersey or just want to visit, this convenient transportation route is right there for you.

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