Is it time to move to Chicago?

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September 25, 2020
the best area to live in chicago

Are you thinking that it’s finally time to move to the Windy City? Here are a few things you should know before moving to Chicago.

Chicago is a metropolitan area located in Illinois. It is the third most populous city in the United States with 2,714,017 residents calling it home. It was first incorporated as a city in 1837 and started expanding rapidly as it became an important transportation and trading center between the eastern and western United States. Today, the city is known for leading in many sectors including public health, infrastructure, and technology. It also goes by various nicknames including the Windy City and Chicagoland.

The City of Chicago features a variety of different spaces its residents can call home. The downtown area of the city is filled with urban skyscrapers and where most of the hustle and bustle happens. However, since Chicago sits along Lake Michigan, there are also plenty of waterfront spaces both in the busy city and further out into the more suburban-like neighborhoods. Additionally, the city offers many amazing green spaces. In fact, the Chicago Park District has more than 600 parks in the city.

should you move to chicago
2243 North Seminary Avenue, #PH Lincoln Park, Chicago

Chicago during the COVID-19 pandemic

With the COVID-19 pandemic, many people have been keeping an eye on how certain cities, businesses, and industries have been handling it. This is how people determine whether or not a city or business has their health and best interest in mind. So how did Chicago handle the pandemic and what measures have they taken to keep their residents safe? Is moving to Chicago worth it?

Overall, Chicago and the state of Illinois has handled the Coronavirus outbreak relatively well. For instance, back in February, Illinois was the first state to test for new coronavirus. By doing this, it allowed the state to detect new cases earlier and prevent any possible spread. In addition, the state put out a stay-at-home order in place in March that was extended until the end of May.

Mayor Lori Lightfoot also put out a five-phase framework, Protecting Chicago, that outlines her plan for safely reopening the city. As of the end of June, the city has been in Phase 4 of reopening. In addition, Chicago is very transparent about how the virus is currently affecting the city. They have a COVID Dashboard where anyone is able to easily view their numbers and also get the latest data and rules that should be followed by residents.

moving to chicago now
125 South Jefferson Street, #703 West Loop, Chicago

Most popular industries in Chicago

So should you move to Chicago? Maybe your biggest worry is about finding a new job and career in a new city. However, like the other two big cities in the U.S., New York City and Los Angeles, Chicago has plenty to offer in terms of industries and professions to choose from.

In fact, Chicago has one of the world’s largest and most diversified economies. In 2017, the city also had the third largest gross metropolitan product in the country. Some key industries you can find in the city include business and professional services, food industry, transportation, distribution, & logistics, life sciences & healthcare, technology, and manufacturing.

Moreover, if the entertainment industry is what you’re aiming for, then you’d be interested to know that Chicago is the third largest media market in the U.S. after NYC and LA. Many major television network stations call the city home. This includes ABC, NBC, Fox, and CBS. In addition, a few notable shows that have come out of Chicago are “Mike and Molly”, “Prison Break”, “The Good Wife”, “The Oprah Winfrey Show”,and “Chicago Hope.

Chicago is one of the largest financial hubs in the United States. Whether you are a young professional or a business man or woman with a family, the Windy City is the place to be.

What to do when you move to Chicago?
221 East Cullerton Street, #701 South Loop, Chicago

Foodies in Chicago

If you love food or consider yourself a foodie, then Chicago is definitely the place for you. Not only has plenty of famous foods been invented in the city, but it has also contributed towards the global food culture.

The city is one of the culinary capitals of the country as it is home to many amazing chefs, unique restaurants, and features a wide selection of cuisine. With the melting pot of ethnicities and cultures that call the city home, many of Chicago’s iconic cuisine reflect these ethnic roots. In fact, its dining scene itself has been shaped by the culture of immigrants and restaurateurs coming up with new innovations.

Not only can you find Restaurant Row or michelin-starred restaurants throughout the city, but food halls are what sets Chicago apart. Unlike other cities, Chicago is home to various food halls that feature a wide variety of popular restaurants and act as a convenient one stop dining experience.

moving to chicago by myself
645 North Kingsbury Street, #2008 River North, Chicago

Moving to Chicago 2020

Are you thinking of moving to Chicago but are put off by the potentially time-consuming and stressful process of home hunting? Localize makes it possible to easily find apartments that match your lifestyle and needs perfectly. Our website will give you thorough information and insights about every listing and discover what it’s like to live there before even visiting.

All you have to do is answer a few questions about what you’re looking for and Localize will pull up listings that are your best match. Want a home in a low crime area? With plenty of natural light? Or maybe you’re on a budget and want to see listings with the best price drops. Or all of the above? Localize can do this and a lot more.In addition, we also have features similar to other websites: building type, size, number of beds and baths, price range, amenities, and more.

Now what about neighborhoods? With the many unique neighborhoods Chicago offers, it can be hard to choose which one you like best. To start, you can check out some of the city’s most popular neighborhoods. This includes the affluent and family-friendly Lincoln Park, the art-filled River North, and the trendy hipster Wicker Park.

is chicago better than nyc
2736 North Ashland Avenue, #3N Lincoln Park, Chicago

Houses for sale in Chicago:

Apartments for rent in Chicago:

Things To Know Before Moving To Chicago
600 North Lake Shore Drive, #4004 Streeterville, Chicago
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