10 best home improvement projects for this summer

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July 23, 2020
best projects for home improvement

Summer is here which means it’s time for some home improvements. These are the best maintenance projects you should DIY this summer.

The summer months invoke visions of vacations, sun, outdoor activities, and relaxation. However, summer isn’t just great for going on a vacation, but to tackle some home improvements projects that you’ve been putting off for months.

So why is summer an ideal time for these home projects? Because the warmer months are better for projects that require a well-ventilated work space or outdoor projects for your home’s exterior. This is because during the colder seasons like fall and winter, you may be unable to open windows without suffering cold temperatures, rain, or even snow. These elements can also negatively affect the quality of your improvements.

Additionally, it can be a great idea to prepare your house beforehand for the harsher weather elements of winter. There’s nothing worse than realizing you should’ve fixed your roof only after it starts leaking. Summer also means more time off for those who have more seasonal jobs and if you love shopping for unique home items, flea markets are in full force during the warmer season.

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The U.S. real estate market

While the U.S. housing market is usually referred to as a whole, the real estate market can vary depending on where you live. For example, both New York City and Chicago have similar seasonal market patterns. 

During the winter months, NYC and Chicago have a slower housing market with a lower inventory of housing and lower buyer demand. However, while options are limited, prices of homes during this time are usually at its lowest where buyers can get a good deal

Real estate markets in both cities are in an upswing starting in March when the spring season hits. This is known as “Spring Market” where March through May are the most popular times for buyers to house hunt and sellers to list their homes for sale. This means during this time, there is a large inventory of housing and a high demand for buyers which leads to higher home prices. 

Summer home improvements ideas

If you want to take advantage of the summer season and upgrade your home, you may be worried about how much money you would have to spend. So what can you DIY at home? There are plenty of small home repair, maintenance, and renovation projects you can do around the house that won’t break your bank account. Here are just ten for you to try out!

1. Painting your home’s exterior

Your home’s paint job can start to flake and peel over time due to exposure to weather elements such as sun, rain, snow, and winds. This can also make your home look worn and old. You can easily fix this by repainting your home’s exterior, making it look like a new home.

Just as any other home exterior improvements, the warm summer months are a great time to repaint without worrying about the paint not drying fast enough or getting ruined by moisture.

What are the best home improvements
Maintain the beautiful exterior of this home with a new coat of paint when needed: 2317 East 63 Street Mill Basin, New York

2. Planting herbs

The warmer weather during the summer is a great time to brighten up your home and outdoor space with greenery. With the abundance of sunshine, you can easily plant your own herb garden, flowers, or even trees.

By planting them now, you can enjoy the flowers and use the herbs in your cooking before the colder, winter months hit. Adding greenery into your space can also create a more lively area to live in, which can help improve your overall mood and home appearance.

Is it smart to renovate your house
This Upper East Side apartment has an outdoor terrace perfect for an herb garden: 150 East 77 Street, #14AB Upper East Side, New York

3. Refacing kitchen cabinets

The kitchen area of the house is one place that is in constant use day after day. This means you’re likely to find signs of wear and tear on your cabinets pretty quickly. You can easily freshen up or change the look of your entire kitchen just by refacing the cabinets. Even better, refacing costs less than buying entirely new cabinets and if you do the work yourself, that’s even better on your wallet.

First, you need to remove the doors and drawers of the cabinet. Then cover the front facing portion of the cabinet with peel-and-stick wood veneer. After you’re done, hang up new doors and attach new drawer fonts to your existing drawers. Lastly, replace moldings and install new hardware. 

home improvements before selling
Reface the kitchen cabinets to upgrade and modernize the look of your home

4. Clean the gutter

Seasonal showers and winds can mean backed up gutters. If your gutters aren’t cleaned out properly, this can mean broken gutter and water damage for your home. The best way to avoid any issues would be to clean out the gutters and downspouts at the beginning of the summer.

You can easily do this by getting a sturdy ladder, bucket, and gloves. After scooping out the majority of debris such as leaves, dirt, and bugs, spray the gutters down with a hose to make sure everything gets removed.

best updates to sell your home
Clean gutter will prevent future problems

5. Fence your property

As with any outdoor home repairs and improvements, summer is a great time to fence your property. This can mean repairing damaged or worn out fences already around your home or even installing a new one to ensure your privacy.

By installing a fence, you can guarantee visitors won’t be on your property without permission. A fence can also add to the overall appeal to your home as they come in various colors and styles.

What Low-Cost Home Improvements to do before a sale
Upgrade your home appeal with a fence and some plants

6. Install a smart thermostat

A smart thermostat is a great addition to any home. It not only helps to improve your home’s energy efficiency, but can save you money on your electric bills. This is especially important if you use your air conditioner throughout the summer or your heater during the winter.

While some people may not feel the need to spend more money on a smart thermostat when theirs is already working perfectly fine, it’s a device that can help you save money in the long run.

What can you DIY at home
Save money and energy with a smart thermostat

7. Make your home smarter

Home automation has become a lot more popular in recent years. This is when certain components of your home you use everyday such as locks, thermostats, appliances, and lights, function automatically. Making your home smarter can more convenient to manage your home, have better security, and its efficiency can save you energy costs.

These home automation items can be things like a voice control device, smart light fixtures, automated blinds, or automated security systems that have remote monitoring. 

50 Easy DIY Projects You Can Tackle This Weekend
Consider voice control devices, smart light fixtures, etc.

8. Organize your closets and pantry

It’s always a good time to organize your closets and pantry, but even better during the summer where you can switch your winter wardrobe with your summer one. You can start by putting all your winter clothes into a storage bin or area and taking out your summer clothes to hang up in your closet.

If you have more time on your hands, you can also take this time to sort through all your clothes and get rid or or donate ones you don’t wear anymore. 

When cleaning out your pantry, take a look at your canned and dry goods. Sort through ones that are already expired to throw away. For the canned goods that haven’t expired but no longer want, you can donate it to your local food bank. You can also tackle your other kitchen cabinets by reorganizing your dishes, cups, pots, pans, and utensils.

diy home projects ideas
Is it a good time to organize your stuff?

9. Hang a few useful shelves

If you find yourself with too many home items and not enough surfaces to put them on, it can be a good idea to hang some shelves up. This can also help fill a wall in your home that may look a bit too empty.

Shelves are a great way to efficiently use space as it won’t take up any floor space, which is great for the smaller NYC spaces. These shelves can be put next to a window for plants, in a kitchen for spices, or in the bedroom for candles, pictures, or decorative pieces.

the best apartments in nyc
This Brooklyn apartment makes use of floating shelves to efficiently make use of a small space: 786 Washington Avenue, #4FL Prospect Heights, New York

10. Organize your garage

If you live in a NYC home with an attached garage, then you may know a garage can quickly become a disorganized storage area for random things. This is something that can invoke stress daily just by the sight of the mess. Summer time can be a great time to finally get rid of unnecessary junk and turn your garage into an organized space.

This means going through all the items stuffed in there and getting rid of things you no longer need or have no space for. You can even upgrade your garage’s interior by adding shelves to help organize items or even painting a design wall on one side to brighten up the space.

Best DIY Affordable Home Improvement Ideas
Keep this Chelsea townhouse’s garage decluttered with an annual cleaning: 241 West 17 Street Chelsea, New York

If you’re looking to take on larger summer home renovations and want to buy a home and renovate, here are some New York City homes for sale: 

With these simple home improvement ideas for the summer months, we hope we’ve inspired you to spruce up your home.

Better yet, if you’re looking for a large project of purchasing and renovating a home, Localize has what you need. Our insights will help you pick the perfect home for you and your family.

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